A Toronto Morning

“Toronto ~ A City Worth Embracing”

Copyright ©05/05/2003 Elizabeth Ellis
As the sun rises amidst rain-filled clouds of grey,
That shadow the glory of her bright smile of day,
A symphony of bird song fills the air,
As dew-covered flowers raise their heads so fair,
And stalwart tree trunks spread their arms of shade in delight,
While the earth quickly hides all its creatures of the night.

Too soon, morning’s glory is rudely interrupted,
And the peaceful start of her day is corrupted,
By the strident siren of police car on Highway 401, flashing red,
As our arms sleepily embrace each other in bed,
“We should move away from the city”, he whispers in my ear,
“But I love it here”, I murmur, as I run my fingers through his hair,
Hoping to delay that final awakening!

Little feet with clamouring voices ask to be fed,
We finally heed them and get out of bed,
The smell of coffee and eggs permeate each room,
As the mad dash begins for the only washroom,
Sounds of electric shavers and warm showers,
Now block out Nature’s finest hours,

We rush out our front door, briefly embracing,
Waving goodbye to little feet on the way to school racing,
Pressing headlong into the jam of impatient traffic,
Barely noticing the CN Tower which stands so majestic,
In the distant horizon of a city, once foreign, that I now truly love,
I listen to the radio as the cacophony of a city on the move,
Heralds another Toronto morning!

2 thoughts on “A Toronto Morning”

  1. Dear Elizabeth: I like you Toronto Moment. It is filled with Joy, your painting gives the impression of things up and down. So you love the city. I think Toronto has a lot to offer a lot to see.. I live on a ravine overlooking the Humber River. Though in the Summer we can’t see it for all the beautiful green trees. Have a blessed week.

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  2. Dear Marion, it was wonderful meeting you and thank you for the gift of your artwork on cards. You are a wonderful artist. Hope to meet with you again soon. Take a look at my video “Amazing Love” and let me know your thoughts. You are in my prayers, LOL, Elizabeth.


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