The Dance Of The Wild

"For Those Who Dance With Horses"
“For Those Who Dance With Horses”

Copyright ©06/02/2005 Elizabeth Ellis
A big white tent marks the entrance to
An unfamiliar, but much advertised experience
The lights dim and the audience awaits in anticipation
Photo images flash across the stage backdrop
With coloured lights painting rainbow hues
Then the music begins slowly unfolding
In the rhythmic movements of each dancer who enters the stage
Swirling and contorting bodies, limbs and arms moving
At an increasing pace defined by the intensity of drumbeats
Echoed by the pounding hoofs of horses cantering across the stage
Moving in amazing symmetry with each dancer
Interspersed with a language that commands their attention
Heralded later by a voice singing with great depth and emotion
Only overshadowed by the beauty of the white stallions
Racing across the stage at speeds that defy the imagination
Tails flying, dancers lying and moving in perfect symmetry
with each one
A breathtaking moment that speaks of man’s ability to control
And engage in relationship with such creatures
Who once roamed wildly across the plains of the earth
Now tamed by loving hands that understand
How to live in harmony with them
Hearts pound, breaths are suspended
No one wants it to end as it ends
No one can forget the dance
A magical encounter between horse and man

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