Overcoming In The Seasons of Life

"Faith Overcomes All Adversities"
“Faith Overcomes All Adversities”

Copyright ©06/13/2005 Elizabeth Ellis
Like leaves change colour
From youthful spring greens to the
Reddish, golden browns of autumn
Dying in the height of it’s mature beauty
As the chilly winter winds blow
Only to be reborn in the next spring
So the Soul slowly transforms itself
From self-centred indulgences and
Vain preoccupations of youth
Into a maturity of meaningful purpose
As each season of life brings
The wintry chills of circumstances
That unmasks and tears away at all
That prevents the embracing
Of what the Spirit already knows
One cannot overcome the Fear
Of an illness with insurmountable odds
Or the loss of everything held dear
Without unshakeable Faith
That infuses the heart and soul,
With the strength to choose
Between living in the shadow of Fear,
Succumbing to the depths of despair
Or to fearlessly let go and trust divine love
That moves God from a concept wedged in the brain
Like a sharp knife that stabs the conscience
Into the loving heavenly Father,
Who never forsakes us
An unyielding truth locked forever in the heart
That overcomes the night terrors of the impassable
And the discouraging voices of naysayers
Changing the “Why Me?” into “Why Not Me!”
As the Soul understands that suffering is
A part of humanity as breathing is to life
And the love of God is forever present
Defying the impossible,
With a hope that transcends the Soul
Into a victorious new season of living

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