The Colours of True Love

"Love Soars When Forgiveness Is Present"
“Love Soars When Forgiveness Is Present”

Copyright ©08/24/2004 Elizabeth Ellis
The light of a full summer moon kisses my feet,
As I sit on our back porch and listen,
To the sounds of the night while fireflies glisten,
And the bullfrogs bellow in the nearby creek;
I fall asleep as the crisp night air caresses my brow,
Awakening to the howls of coyotes hunting in a hill,
Where the forest trees now stand so tall and still,
Majestic and undisturbed, as I remember now;

When we sat here and your lips touched mine,
And you put your arms around me and said, “I love you”,
My heart leaped with joy and in that instant I knew,
That our lives would be forever entwined;
I love to recall those first moments of loving each other,
And that glorious sunny day in May when we said, “I do”,
In a sixteenth century chapel with a few friends that we knew,
A happy surrender to the love we had for one another;

Untarnished by the wilderness years that would follow,
Where personal differences and angry tears,
Replaced the insatiable passion of the early years,
Time spent in busyness and unloving words too hard to swallow;
Tearing apart our hearts until God’s grace,
Awakened our wounded hearts to forgive and forget,
Memories of why we had loved each other when we first met,
Healing our hearts, releasing pain from each face;

Slowly leading us into the realm of invincible love,
Where true love conquers all things,
By a willingness to cover a multitude of sins,
With unconditional forgiveness and faith in God above;
I now see the beautiful colours of His love:


In tired feet and hands worn rough from long hours working,
In loving silence, instead of angry words been spoken,
In mindful eyes that sees the physical pain I bear,
And soothes each hurting part with hands of tender care,
In unexpected gentle kisses bringing joy to my heart,
In faithful commitment, where we each do our part,
God’s masterpiece unfolds in our loving.

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