"A Treasure To Embrace"
“A Treasure To Embrace”

Copyright ©05/14/2000 Elizabeth Ellis
She’s another year older ~ this Mother of mine,
And though her face is wrinkled and her hair grey,
She is still beautiful in a sophisticated way;
With the dazzle of youth softened to a gentle grace,
And eyes that sparkle, filled with tenderness.

Now she’s a whole lot wiser ~this Mother of mine,
As she faces life in a millennium timeframe,
For God’s touch on her life through the years,
Has gently moulded her into His graceful ways,
And now her heart’s bigger as she embraces,
The love that she sees on her grandchildren’s faces,

For today she sees clearly that the lessons she brings,
Are the pearls of the life chains that we are making;
For she knows the true art of being elderly,
Is to share her lifetime of experiences and history,
So we too may age wisely and set our hearts free,
For she is now the living roots of our family tree.

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