From Ugly Rock To Precious Gemstone

"Surrender to True Freedom"
“Surrender to True Freedom”

Copyright ©06/22/2002 Elizabeth Ellis
She was born a precious gemstone,
Who thought she was just an ugly rock;
A brilliant mind that couldn’t realize it’s potential;
Bound to fulfill what was expected of women of her culture,
Dreams dashed, she wed in sadness, so very young;
The outcome was more sorrow until her children were born;
They gave her hope though her life was breaking down;
A new purpose to break free became her goal,
Walking away from the bondage to traditions and lies,
Yes, freedom for her children’s sake but at a price
– Ostracized! Outcast! Alone!

Her children never saw the price she had to pay,
As she bravely tried to provide the best she could,
They only knew that she had changed that day,
They could not see that she had died inside.
For the voices around her wounded her soul each day,
With hateful words that her pain never understood;
Years crept by in courageous silence,
Leading her determined heart to a new land,
Romantic love abound but true love eluded her,
Yet she persevered, despite each disappointment;

When the moment came to find her liberty,
She cast aside fear and began a journey of discovery,
That led to Living Waters that healed her wounded soul
And gave her strength to face the final letting go,
Determined actions forcing her woes to depart,
Giving voice to what was true to her inner heart;
Liberating her soul with a new found Faith,
Embracing the world with a bold new face;

“Ugly ROCK” is now a most brilliant and precious GEMSTONE!
Declaring that no Adversity can hold back a determined soul,
Declaring that Fear must be faced despite perceived consequences,
Declaring that Sacrificing oneself for a purpose has a place but not for a lifetime,
Declaring that Honesty about  self and self-needs is important
Declaring that learning is vital for living well and,
It is NEVER too late to start over!

~ For Isobel ~

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