Life’s Purpose

“Those Who Seek Earnestly, Discover Life’s Purpose”

Copyright ©03/30/2003 Elizabeth Ellis
The Mind ponders:
What on earth am I here for?
What is the meaning of my life?
Why do I feel so much emptiness?
Why is the world so full of strife?
Why does my heart seek another’s love?
Why am I not complete with what I have?
Is life after death simply nothingness?
And the Spirit cries out:
Awaken, O earthly vessel! Awaken, O human intellect!
Awaken, from the deathly slumber of Sin!
That blinds your eyes to see the Creator,
For His hand is visible in all of Nature.
Awaken, from the deathly slumber of Sin!
That deadens your heart from the Perfect Love,
Felt only in the repentant heart that seeks God above.
Awaken, from the deathly slumber of Sin!
Open your heart and let Jesus Christ in,
For He is God’s gift that removes Death’s sting;

For God planned your existence before you were born,
And His complete work in your life can only begin,
After God’s saving Grace has cleansed all your Sin;
For you were created by God for His good pleasure,
Relationship with man is His greatest treasure.
He formed you to be a part of His family,
To love and serve one another with humility;
He created you to become like Jesus Christ,
By dying to Self, ending greed, envy and strife.
He shaped you to serve Him in numerous ways,
Through painful experience and heavenly days;
He chose you for a Mission ~ His Great Commission,
To share the Good News of His gift of Salvation,
To feed the hungry and bring hope to the hopeless,
To set souls free to know their Divine life purpose,
Praying without ceasing, giving thanks for everything,
Focusing on Jesus, our Lord and King of Kings!
And the Soul weeps at the Revelation:
It’s not about us; it’s all about Him!

2 thoughts on “Life’s Purpose”

  1. Thanks for your kind words. I was inspired to write this poem after reading Rick Warren’s book titled, “The Purpose-Driven Life”. I can never predict when the words flow out of my heart but a photo, a movie or book can trigger this gift that was birthed after I survived the world’s largest Pituitary brain tumour. Amazing grace! By the way, your profile photo is phenomenal! I don’t know how you integrated your face into that artwork so skillfully but it is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more of what you do…Liz.

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