Mama’s Pain

"Abused Women - A Sad Commentary on Misogyny"
“Abused Women – A Sad Commentary on Misogyny”

Copyright ©04/21/2004 Elizabeth Ellis
She’s a young girl clad in a woman’s attire,
Her face painted up so she may acquire,
A “John” who may be cruising the dimly lit streets,
As she walks up and down on her regular beat.
This was not what she expected when she ran away,
From a home where he beat her nearly everyday,
There was no one to defend her ‘cos her Mama looked away,
And tearfully asked her to be good the next day;
For she had her own share of his angry outbursts,
And if she intervened it would only get worse.

After each beating she would crawl into bed,
Hoping tomorrow he would be found dead,
But when morning came she knew nothing would change,
She could see him snoring on the sofa in a drunken haze.
And Mama was in the kitchen trying to hide her own bruises,
With eyes that begged understanding for what she chooses,
She said, “He don’t mean it, just try to be good”,
“He works real hard to give us a home, clothes and food”;
But there were no more tears to cry or words to say,
As she picked up her schoolbooks and slowly walked away;

That day was the last day she saw her Mama’s face,
Her heart is now deadened in the street’s dark embrace,
Yet there is hope for women like Mama who live in abuse
and despair,
For there are women today who do deeply care;
Like the PCAWA who are not afraid to take action,
They are reaching out and causing a fierce chain reaction,
That brings freedom and hope and life-changing goals,
That enhances the lives of such dear wounded souls,
So take heart though her daughter is still lost on the street,
For Mama now lives a new life and is no longer weak!

~A Tribute to the Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse ~

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