Resting In The Arms Of Love

“God’s Grace – A Soul’s Perfect Resting Place”

Copyright ©04/14/2004 Elizabeth Ellis
The cool spring breeze gently blows my hair,
As I savor the fresh scent of the early morning air,
That heralds the promise of summer time,
And fond memories of love’s poetic rhyme,
Stirred by my Heavenly Father’s warm embrace,
As I delight in God’s Word and live in His grace.

I talk to Him as I watch the frolic of kittens at play,
While their sleepy mother cat lies in the sun-drenched hay,
Until their hungry meows bring the long awaited suckling,
And tongue licks on their furry brows awaken their purring,
Reminiscent of my mother’s hand gently stroking my head,
Easing the night-time terrors that made me cry out in bed.

With childlike faith, it was much easier to trust and love,
This God of Love, Grace and Mercy from above,
The familiar tune of, “Jesus loves me this I know”,
Rang true in my heart then without doubt or need
To question or search for more evidence,
For His divine love was a simple truth accepted in my innocence.

It was in the later years that the questioning began,
For my grown up intellectual prowess had its own life plan,
That rejected the wisdom of God’s Word and His gift of salvation,
Feeling self-confident and in charge of my own life destination,
Unaware of the giant tumor forming in my brain,
That would arouse my heart to truly seek God again.

Thus my awakening began in the throes of illness and pain,
And today I know the things of this world, for me have no gain,
For the blessed passion of Jesus is the flower of Grace within,
That healed my worldly soul when I repented of my sins,
And as I daily surrender all needs and desires to my Lord above,
He blesses me with abiding rest in His arms of love.

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