"A Blood Bond Of Love For A Lifetime"
“SISTERS – A Blood Bond Of Love For A Lifetime”

Copyright ©02/10/2008 Elizabeth Ellis
Some years ago, on a January day you were born
Then fifteen months later in April, I came along
Your hair was straight, mine a curly head
You were always skinny, I looked well fed
And though you were more grownup and loved mothering me
Our times together were a sweet harmony
Playing house under Granny’s dining table;

Much later,  after Jenny was born,
We entertained neighbours with many a Beatle song
She was George, I was Paul and you were John
Then there was our famous garage Concert routine, B.E.D.
Where I the Teacher, taught you to pronounce it as BEEDI
A cigarette smoked by locals, resulting in roaring laughter
And a handful of coins that made us feel ever so rich after
Payment for tickets purchased by our neighbourly audience;

We formed a Girls Club and cooked real food with small clay pots
Where Mum had to relish the food from all our cookouts
And when the monsoon rains created a flood
behind our garden wall
We fished with empty condensed milk cans
to catch creatures small
Checkers, marbles, cards, rope jumping and hopscotch
were some of our games
In treasured moments that we shared through our growing pains
Never realizing how quickly it would end;

Today, as I think of our early years, so many memories
flow through my mind
An age of innocence forever gone but held within our hearts
To unwind, as we gaze at old photos like this one
where we sit snuggled so closely
You were five and laughing,  while I giggled uncontrollably
The mysterious blood bond of love captured in a moment of time
Creating a relationship that lasts  throughout a lifetime
Forever declaring that we are sisters!

~ For Penny ~

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