Pause and Pray

"Prayer Refreshes The Soul With Strength of Purpose"
“Prayer Refreshes The Soul With Strength”

Copyright ©12/30/2004 Elizabeth Ellis
Pause and pray at the dawn of a day
Where wars, perils and quakes
Cause human hearts to shake
With anxiety and fears, sorrow and tears
For those who died without saying, “Goodbye.”

Pause and pray that such a dreadful day
May not shadow the Truth more precious than gold
That transforms the lives of the young and the old
Through living waters that brings new life
Filled with love and forgiveness, ending strife
Turning mourning into dancing
And darkness into light

For God’s love is for everyone
Through Jesus Christ, His only Son
Who willingly gave up His life at Calvary,
To remove Death’s sting and set us free
From our prisons of sin, fear and sorrow
Of broken dreams and an uncertain tomorrow
And all that it takes is to repent and embrace
His love that’s freely given to the human race
For when we open our hearts to Him,
The gift of His Holy Spirit enters in
Healing us of the pain deep within
His love sets us free!

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