Her Own Way

"A Life Lived With Courage From A Land Destroyed By War"
“A Life Lived With Courage From A Beautiful Land Now Ravaged By Many Years Of War”

Copyright ©01/23/2002 Elizabeth Ellis
She was born pretty with a starry personality
A smile and a joke never far from her lips
A Burgher girl from Ceylon, her nationality
She delighted in boys, breaking rules and playing tricks!

Studying and chores were not her big forte
And many a thrashing she did feel on her back
But cane or slipper did not stop her own way
She just grew more stubborn with every whack!

She married what seemed a very nice guy
Had a great Kandy home and two wonderful sons
But this guy was no prince charming, it was an angry goodbye
And life became three London jobs and not much fun!

Now this pretty gal has had quite a few knocks
Divorce and brain tumours, just to mention a few
But her stubborn, sweet heart still sways and rocks
With an Aussie Golden Boy in a grand Brisbane view!

Now the good news of her story is one of life’s best
For the Son of Man did meet her at the foot of His Cross
And her heart’s desire is unfolding as her past is laid to rest
Through the Grace and Living Waters of our Lord Jesus Christ!

~ Celebrating Carmen on my visit to Australia in 2002 ~

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