A Mystery!

"Celebrating Fathers!"
“A Father’s Love Is A Cherished Treasure”

Copyright ©05/29/1999 Elizabeth Ellis
There is a man in my life, that I’d like to know,
He’s been around, but who he is doesn’t show;
Over the years, I’ve had glimpses and peeks,
Of a personality, that’s both mysterious and deep.

So I ponder today, and here’s what I see,
A mountain of good deeds and generosity;
A brilliant mind, that can read and comprehend,
The most difficult subjects, related to medicine.

He should have been a doctor, but fate wasn’t kind,
So he got stuck in a rut of buses and grime;
Despite his disappointment, he kept steadfastly on,
The daily routines of a driver in a transit uniform.

Long periods of silence, are occasionally broken,
By limited speech and moments of affection;
Yet it is clear, when it comes to his family,
The depths of his feelings are the deeds that we see.

The repairing of cars, the fixing of things,
That have broken or worn down, are just what brings;
The joy and the happiness, that he truly does seek,
For our love and recognition, is his heart’s highest peak!

So here are my final thoughts for today,
As I look to the future, I hope there’s a way;
To unravel the mystery, to truly understand,
This man in my life ~my Father!

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