The Road To Freedom

"The Narrow Path Brings Freedom Through Christ"
“Abiding In Christ Brings Freedom On The Narrow Path”

Copyright ©04/23/2000 Elizabeth Ellis
I ask you, “What is Freedom?”
Is it a state of mind or a condition of being?
Is it independence, liberty, or emancipation?
Oh, I would declare it all of these and more,
And the more of it I experience, the more I’ve come to know,
There is no easy answer that will soothe your senses,
Only a narrow road with eternal consequences!

This road to Freedom that I travel on,
Is a channel of love created by God’s only Son,
It’s a pathway of Truth and Discovery,
Where only the broken and repentant can be set free.

This road to Freedom that I travel on,
Is not an easy road and it’s not for everyone,
For worldly wisdom beckons with her many voices,
That demands a steely will to make the right choices.

This road to Freedom that I travel on,
Is full of lessons that I must face one by one,
And every turn is a blind unknown,
That takes Faith and Courage to overcome.

And though the road is narrow and may seem so long,
Its way is part of God’s eternal plan for man,
For to every traveller who this road does truly seek,
The Spirit brings a Freedom that is really unique,

For His Grace, God surely does impart,
With His goodness and love to the faithful heart.
So seek now His Kingdom and take the narrow path,
For He promises to bless us on our earthly walk,

And let this be the Freedom that you now seek,
To be guileless and authentic without mystique,
To truly know God bearing all His Spirit’s fruit,
Living only in His will with unwavering foot!

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