Women Of God

"Strive To Love Others As We Love Ourselves"
“Strive To Love Others As We Love Ourselves”

Copyright ©07/29/2002 Elizabeth Ellis
Gentle women of the human race
Heaven’s princesses are we
Born of the Father, in Spirit and Grace
Living in God’s liberty
Though life’s pains have touched our soul
Christ’s healing love can make us whole
So that as Sisters we truly may share
Our talents so precious and our burdens lay bare
For Christ’s love sets us free
To be women of God in perfect harmony

So let us now meditate on things that are true
On things that are noble, just and pure
On things that are lovely and of good report
On things of virtue that are praiseworthy to support
Rejoicing always, being anxious for nothing
Praying for one another with thanksgiving
So His peace that surpasses our human understanding
May guard our hearts and intellectual underpinning
For this is His Word, His heavenly key
His divine way to perfect harmony!

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