The Miracle Of Christmas

"Jesus Christ, The Miracle Of Christmas"
“Jesus Christ, The Miracle Of Christmas”

Copyright ©11/01/2002 Elizabeth Ellis
The miracle of Christmas is not the Christmas tree
So finely adorned with ribbons and bells and tinsel finery
Nor is it in the flurry of shoppers rushing to buy their gifts
Amidst the malls and streets garnished with brightly coloured lights
Nor is it found in the chant of merry carollers and choirs
Or in the Santa stockings hung beside warm fires
Nor is it in the eggnog and fruitcake or mistletoe
Or on the faces of children all aglow
With the anticipation of Santa at Christmas Eve’s door
No, the miracle of Christmas is not in any of these things
It can only be discovered when we receive the King of Kings
Who came as a wee babe so many years ago
With no place to lay his head except for a manger low
And there among the cattle and sheep He lay with all humility
Leaving behind his Father’s home and all that was heavenly
So we may know the love of God through His humanity
And the sorrow of His wretched death upon the cross at Calvary
No human utterance can explain this love that sets us free
From the curse of sin and death for Eternity
For though we do not deserve it, when we repent of our sin
And invite Jesus our Saviour to enter in
The miracle of Christmas begins!

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