In My Corner Of The World

"Abiding In Divine Love"
“Abiding In God’s Love Brings A Song To The Heart”

Copyright ©12/22/2007 Elizabeth Ellis
In my corner of the world, there is no pain or sorrow
Only sweet memories of yesterday and the hope of tomorrow
Where unfulfilled dreams, desires and unresolved fears
Are boldly surrendered through struggles and tears
To a loving God who knows all that is unspoken
Yet endlessly pursues me to mend what is broken
Forgiving all my sin, he renews my heart and mind
Filling it with His amazing love and treasures of every kind
That only comes through the gift of His precious Son
My Saviour, my Redeemer, my true light shining strong
Dispelling the darkness that seeks to bring me down
A floodlight of His Grace filling my heart with song
Fulfilling His Holy purposes, whilst I wait for His return
Compelling my stubborn nature to yield to the fiery burn
Of His Holy Spirit’s all consuming power
That erases memories of all wrongs in each prayerful hour
Leaving behind only treasured gifts ~ the lessons that I learn
And His amazing love that grips my heart at every turn
In my corner of the world!

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