MacDonald & Rose

"A Sweet Love Song"
“A Sweet Love Song”

Copyright ©11/8/2003 Elizabeth Ellis
In a Toronto Courtroom about sixteen years ago,
A Canadian “MacDonald” met a Jamaican “Rose”,
With a graceful demeanour and elegant pose;
He was quite charming with a gentle disposition,
And as they smiled and made polite conversation,
Their hearts were caught in a mutual attraction.

A short while later, they began dating,
And shared lots of fun walking and sailing,
They enjoyed going to movies and dining too,
On Calamari and Jerk Pork to name just a few,
Of the dishes they enjoyed on their dating menu.
And as time went by, it really wasn’t that long,
Before the first flicker of attraction became a love song!

And now he calls her “sweet pea” and she calls him “honey”,
For in each other they have a treasure greater than money,
For nothing in this world can ever compare,
To the genuine love two hearts can share.
So it was off to the altar on November 29th of that year,
To make a new marriage without any fear,
With warm wishes and God’s blessing they said, “I do”,
In a little, white church with a Jamaican view.

~ Celebrating MacDonald & Rose ~

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