Amazing Love!

"AGAPE Love Embraces The Seeking Heart"
“AGAPE Love Embraces The Seeking Heart”

Copyright ©07/01/2006 Elizabeth Ellis
Her face unmarked by many seasons of living
Reveals a gentle sweetness that engages our souls
We revel in the beautiful summer day
As we sit on her patio sharing our life stories
And the wisdom of natural healing that is her gift;

Later, as we talk about each other’s childhood,
Her sudden tear-filled eyes betray
The deep, hidden pain ~ a tragic loss
When she was just three years old
And I see there is no coincidence in our meeting;

For the depth of her pain reflects my own
When I was three years old; though the source of my pain
Was quite different, no human love could console or heal it
Until Divine providence brought healing and the revelation
Of a God who loves me in a way no human can love;

She is searching and the Divine fire that burns within my heart
Is the same life-giving Holy Spirit that now draws her to seek
Jesus, the God-man who became the final sacrifice
That would free humanity from the curse of sin and death
So we could enter into the presence of a Holy God;

Without Him, we die in so many different ways
Living lives that do not reflect
The true purpose for our existence
Empty and devoid of the Agape love
That longs to embrace us;

She stands at the crossroads today;
Before her lies the narrow path and the temptation of another
What choice will she make?
My heart cries out to You, El Elyon, O God Most High
That she will find what I have discovered;
Amazing Love!

~ For Sophia ~

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