Come To The Quiet

“In The Quiet Places, Much Is Revealed To The Soul”

Copyright ©01/13/2006 Elizabeth Ellis
Come to the quiet
Let the silence peak,
Rest in the Saviour’s arms
Until His Spirit speaks,
Words of Truth that
Make wise a foolish heart,
Words of Comfort that
Soothes a troubled soul,
Words of power that
Breaks a stubborn will,
Words of love that
Reveals His desire,
For God loves His children
And calls them to His throne,
Not as King but Father
He desires time alone,
Time spent in quiet repose
With humble hearts that yearn,
To truly know Him
As never known before,
Trusting in His goodness
Seeking Him with hope,
Standing on His Holy Word
That brings freedom from the yoke,
Of sinful bondage and burdens
Whose weight our lives do choke,
Like weeds strangling the power,
Of His Holy Spirit’s work,
That in us will bear
The good fruit of obedience,
As we come to the quiet

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