Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice!

“Being Like Jesus Surpasses Doing For Jesus”

Copyright ©11/20/2004 Elizabeth Ellis
To love God and others, His Word we must obey,
Surrendering our Self to Him every day,
For obedience is better than sacrifice,
To walk the narrow path of the Christian life,
For without His words hidden in our heart,
We cannot die to Self and do our part,
To sow the seeds of God’s love from His Word,
That frees a man’s soul from the lies he’s heard,
For Faith comes by hearing the Word of God,
That brings salvation through Christ Jesus, our Lord,
Who willingly gave up His life at Calvary,
To remove Death’s sting and set us free.
Interceding to the Father on our behalf,
He is our gentle Shepherd with rod and staff,
Who protects and guides us in the narrow way,
So we may be ready for that heavenly day,
When He shall return to claim His own,
And Satan’s rule shall be overthrown,
And heaven’s gates will be opened wide,
As the King of Kings receives His bride.

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