A Misty Mystery

Misty Mystery

Copyright ©03/08/2015 Elizabeth Ellis
A Poetic Lyric Sung to the tune of “Misty” - a Jazz standard written by Erroll Garner

Look at me, I’m as happy as I ever could be,
I may have a wrinkle or two and some grey in my hairdo,
But I feel misty over this New Year’s view.

Walk my way, and you’ll notice I’ve still got a joyful sway,
Though I’ve had ups and downs and been worn down
I feel misty, just being free to be me!
You may ask me how I can feel this way,
It’s so easy when you live day by day,
You only need to look all around,
To discover what I’ve found.
Everyday, I look up to the heavens and pray,
‘Cos there’s a Power that knows, all my life’s grand shows,
It’s no mystery – He gives me peace, joy and love,
I just feel misty, my life’s a mystery from above!

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