His Passion – Easter 2015

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”(John 3:16)

I gave my heart to Jesus in October 1980 but the suffering and Crucifixion that Jesus went through to set us free from the power of sin and eternal death in Hell, were just words on a page until I saw the movie, “The Passion of The Christ” in 2004. I wept throughout the movie, like so many others in that theatre, and I was reminded again of how much God loves us. My heart was humbled and sorrowful as the words of His Passion unfolded that night.

As you read this, if you are struggling with a besetting sin or something that controls you that you need to break free of like excessive gaming or watching of movies or other indulgences etc., I encourage you to confess it to our Saviour and surrender your life, once again, to Jesus. I am speaking from my own life struggle of several decades to overcome using food to choke feelings of sadness or anger. This may seem a minor “sin” to you but anything that controls us does not glorify God. When we turn to something or someone else for comfort instead of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, we are denying the power of God to work in our lives and bring about the masterpiece he is creating. We are all broken jars of clay and our Potter, who knows everything that is hidden and yet reaches out to us in love, is shaping us into His likeness, if we let him. Praising and thanking, my Saviour this Easter for revealing my sin and helping me overcome it!


Copyright ©02/26/2004 Elizabeth Ellis
His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane was not
just about the Cross,
Rather, it was the coming separation from his Father
that was the greater loss,
That caused his sweat like great drops of blood
to fall onto the ground,
“Father, take this cup away from me, yet not my will
but thine be done”.

That was his prayer before Judas betrayed him
with a kiss upon his cheek,
And in that hour when he could have used his power,
he remained so meek,
And lowly, without a fight he went with those
who came to do him wrong,
Who falsely accused him of a crime though there
was nothing he had done.

He stood silently before Pontius Pilate as they
accused him of his crime,
He had come to do his Father’s bidding and
knew it was his time,
To pay that final dreadful price, to suffer
death by Crucifixion,
That man would know the love of God and
His gift of salvation.

Pilate said, “I have examined him and find this man
has done no wrong”,
The Council cried, “He calls himself the King of Jews
and does Rome harm”,
And many who danced in the streets of Jerusalem and hailed Jesus as their King,
Were among those who cried in frenzied hatred,
“Give us Barabbas and Crucify Him!”

He silently went with the Roman Centurions to be
punished for the crime,
Of being the sacrificial Lamb of God; the Saviour
of all mankind,
And though they kicked and punched and mocked and flogged God’s beloved Son,
He endured the pain of each atrocity until their
cruel work was done.

The people watched the tearing of his flesh and
heard his stifled cries of pain,
But only those who loved him could feel
his suffering and shame,
For he was the Prince of Glory who left his
heavenly kingdom to become,
The supreme price of God’s love and desire
for relationship with man.

Now his agony was heightened as he dragged
that heavy cross,
And they watched him with hatred’s eye
not knowing their great loss,
For they had spurned the Messiah, foretold by
Prophets long ago,
Who came to redeem us from our sins and from
Death’s fatal blow.

Those who loved him watched in anguish as they
nailed him to that tree,
Yet he was obedient to his Father’s command to
die so we may be set free,
Knowing he had done all that the Father had
given him to do,”It is finished!” he cried,
“Father, into thy hands I commit my Spirit”
and then he died.

The good news is that Christ rose again and all who believe in him have the hope of eternal life. Here’s a prayer you may wish to pray:

Heavenly Father, I confess to you that I have been beset by desire to……………………………..and I ask your forgiveness, my Lord. Give me strength in my weakness to overcome my sin so I may glorify You in every way. I surrender to your will, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


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