A World Crisis (Syria)

Syrian Child Asking Help

The statistics are staggering!  As of August 2014, over nine million Syrians have been displaced from their homes or have fled  to adjoining countries.  According to UNICEF, 5.6 million children are living in dire situations inside Syria due to the loss of one or both parents.  Over 1.9 million children have fled Syria to seek refuge in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and other countries in North Africa.

As I looked at images that flashed across the news and on the web and listened to my pastor speak this past Sunday, my heart was convicted to move quickly to put the love I profess as a Christian into action and send as much as I could to support the relief work that is struggling to meet the demands of these refugees.

We are called not only to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength but to love others as we love ourselves by defending the weak and the fatherless, upholding the cause of the poor and oppressed, and by rescuing the weak and the needy from the hands of the wicked (Psalm 82:3, 4).  I hope you will join me in donating whatever you are able to give to reputable organizations like World VisionSamaritans Purse, World ReliefOM or local churches that are working to help these refugees.  Here is an interesting overview of the situation:

Put Your Faith Into Action!

In closing, I end with the words of a great leader who suffered and triumphed over hatred.

~ Elizabeth Ellis ~

Mandela on World Change



Mandela on PovertyMandela on Action.




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