The Eager Salesman

Vacuum Salesman

There is a story about a lady who lived way out in the country. A vacuum cleaner salesman came by and began to give the woman his high-pressure sales talk. “Madam, I have the greatest product you have ever seen. This vacuum cleaner will eat up anything. In fact, if I don’t control this vacuum, it will suck up your carpet.”

Before the woman could reply he went on to say, “Lady, I want to give you a demonstration.” The salesman went to the fireplace, scooped up some ashes and threw them in the middle of the carpet. Then he reached into a bag in his own pocket and poured more dirt and junk right on the carpet. After making a thorough mess he said, “Madam, I want you to watch this product at work. I guarantee it will suck up every bit of everything I’ve thrown on your rug.”

The woman stood there aghast—speechless—and the salesman went on to say, “Lady, if it doesn’t suck up every bit of this, I’ll eat it all with a spoon.”

The woman looked the salesman in the eye and finally found her voice: “Well, sir, start eating. We ain’t got no electricity.”


Hope you enjoyed this.  It’s from “Unleashing God’s Word In Your Life” by author,  John MacArthur who states, “One of the best things about being a preacher and a teacher of God’s Word is that you know it will do what it says it will do. You are not left worrying about what you will say when your product doesn’t work.  It is tough to be caught in a situation where your product doesn’t work.  But that never happens with the Bible.  It is always effective, and it always does exactly what it says it will do”.

~ Elizabeth Ellis ~

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