The Battle

The Battle Belongs to God!
The Battle Belongs to God!

Copyright ©12/16/2015 Elizabeth Ellis
Dark Knight your sword tears at my heart
Sharper than any other instrument of war
Like a siren’s call in the darkness of my soul
The battle is raging overcoming the glimmer of light
Shining in the distance, a beacon of hope
Obstacles of sin blocking the Way
I cry out in anguish, “It is enough; let it all end”
Falling into the abyss of despair
Sinking slowly into the depths of No Return
Dark knight has won!
Failure draws me into the darkness.

But while Angels weep in heaven
Fiery arrows pierce through the darkness
Enveloped in words, “Follow me, I know the Way,”
A flaming sword cries out, “Fight! Don’t give up!
My strength is made perfect in your weakness”;
Struggling, slowly the soul rises from despair
Into the deep voice of LOVE that calls,
GRACE has fought the battle and set me free;
I’m standing strong with my armour on, once again!

One thought on “The Battle”

  1. Such a timely word of encouragement. Thank you. God is our never failing refuge and strength in the midst of any battle but the hardest thing for us to do is to remember this when we are in the middle of a struggle.


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