For the Battle!

I posted my poem, “The Battle” and the next day received an email with an encouraging devotional by an anonymous author on fighting the battles of sin in our lives.  I hope this encourages you as it did me  Victory awaits us, if we do not give up!

Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.  (Romans 5:20)

God’s grace is greater than all your sin!

You say, “You don’t know the failure in my life. I fail God; I ask forgiveness; then I turn around and fail Him again.” Maybe you would say, “Even today before I started reading this devotional I failed God spiritually; and now I cannot even approach God because I know He doesn’t want to see me.”

I invite you, in your mind right now, to bring all of your sin together into a pile.

Heap it up! Bring the sins of your mind—your lustful thoughts, your anger toward people, your unforgiveness, your bitterness.

Bring your words—the hurtful things you have said to people, either in the distant past or just recently. Bring them all together.

Bring your laziness—the times you should’ve been in God’s Word, the times you should’ve been doing things for God and you ended up just wasting those hours.

Bring your actions—things you have done that you know you shouldn’t have done, or things that God called you to do and you didn’t do them.

Bring it all, everything you can think of, and mountain your sin up until it stands as high as the highest peak you have ever seen!

Then remember this:
But that mountain of your sin will always be in shadow…because there’s a mountain behind it ten times as big—the mountain of God’s grace!

Posted with my thanks to the anonymous author of this encouraging devotional…Elizabeth Ellis

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