Pray for Peace!
Pray for Peace!

Copyright ©12/28/2015 Elizabeth Ellis
Snowflakes gently kiss my cheeks
As I slowly walk through crowded streets
Christmas has past but the rush goes on
For every deal that can be found
And I wonder what the New Year will bring
Will it be peace and joy or terror’s sting?
For like a serpant stealthily winding through
Terror has found it’s deadly crew
Infiltrating the minds of young men and women
With false hopes of favour with God in Heaven
But if the truth be known, only Hell awaits
Those who take another’s God-given life away
Oh, what sorrow has been wrought
So much hatred without a thought
My heart weeps.

We are on the horizon of a new year and I am saddened at the prospect of more acts of terrorism that will devastate the lives of so many innocent people.  If you are a person who has faith in God, I hope you will pray without ceasing that God will intervene to bring His peace to the world and comfort those who have lost family and friends this past year.  In God we trust, despite the wickedness of man.

Elizabeth Ellis

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