The Garden of True Love (Le jardin de l’amour vrai)

Love Soars When The Heart Forgives
Love Soars When The Heart Forgives

On Canada Day, July 1-2016, I had the joy and pleasure to share a poem at the wedding of my nephew, Conrad, to Gaèlle, a delightful, sweet French gal from Paris, France.  I had only a few weeks in June to decide what I would share and, as I pondered my own 22 years of marriage to the love of my life, Ralph , I realized that there are three main ingredients that have been vital to our own relationship transforming from the early bloom of romantic love to an unshakeable deep, deep love.

The first is the ability to ask for forgiveness and give the gift of  forgiveness.  The second is to ensure the zing and zang of that first love is revived with activities and words that bring back the memories of why you chose to love each other.  The third is the ability to humbly yield to each other’s needs for understanding and being heard  without taking the stance of “my way or the highway” when disagreements or different opinions rise up.  Thus “The Garden of True Love” was birthed and it is my hope that the flowers of true love will always be the garden that grows in the hearts of Conrad and Gaèlle.(J’espère que les fleurs de l’amour vrai sera le jardin qui pousse dans vos coeurs pour toujour!)

The Soul stirs as eyes meet,
Awakening to the hope of true love;
And most unexpectedly, love’s flame ignites,
Into an unexplainable joy of love’s first season,
As the heart confirms, true love is found, defying all reason;
For true love knows, there are no barriers of culture or race,
Only the discovery, that no one can predict true love’s face.

As wedding bells ring, the journey as a couple joyfully begins;
Like a Rosebud unfolding into full bloom,
Hearts open to Butterfly kisses and tender caresses;
With fragrant embraces, like a silk robe enfolding each other;
Arousing the passionate nectar each Soul longs to drink from,
As the dance of love begins, slowly blossoming into a garden of delight;
As the heart learns how to love and discern the needs of each other
Cherishing each delightful, moment of life; stimulating hearts to new heights.

Now the garden of true love flourishes, as each year moves slowly on…
With Sunflowers SHINING brightly with forgiveness of wrongs done;
Lavender ENRICHING memories of love’s first embrace,
When busyness gives way to joyful times, tenderness and grace;
Cherry Blossoms ASCENDING with Souls humbly yielding to another,
As two hearts move through mountains and valleys, in step with each other;
PATIENTLY, resting in the broken places;
SOARING in every dream achieved;
LIFTING each heart’s longing to be loved and keep on loving!

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