Light in the Darkness

His LIght Overcomes Darkness
His Light Overcomes Our Darkness

Copyright ©09/21/2016 Elizabeth Ellis

In the depths of my pain, I cry out to you
For your WAY, is the only WAY through
The darkness of never-ending pain
A sorrowing that has no gain
For the pain I bear does not compare
To what you suffered on Calvary’s tree
You paid a dreadful price to set me free
From  death to life  in Eternity.

Light of the world you call out to me
You are the only WAY through my misery
You are my HOPE when I am down
You are the LOVE that turns my life around
I surrender all that I now bear
Enfold me in your loving care

Hallelujah, to my Lord and King
You are the light of the world that brings
Hope to the hopeless; strength to the weary
Peace beyond our understanding
You turned my mourning into dancing
So I sing to you, my Lord and King!
Thank you for everything you do
I surrender my pain and worship you.

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