A New Year Story

My New Year begins with a deep expression of thanks to our Heavenly Father for preventing me from receiving a serious injury to my head.  I went to the washroom some time in the early hours of New Year’s day.  My husband came home a few minutes later.  When  he saw the washroom light on he rushed over.  I was standing by the sink and he took one look at my eyes and grabbed me before I blacked out.  If he had not come over and grabbed me, I would have hit my head on the toilet or tiled floor and faced a serious injury to my head.

I woke up sometime later in a hospital bed with intravenous and other monitors on me.  After an Xray and other tests, I was diagnosed with a rather nasty Pneumonia  and sent home later that day with meds.  It took the entire month of January to recover from it but it gave me the time to pray and worship God.

As you read this, do you think this was just coincidence or God’s protective arm motivating my husband to rush over to the washroom?.  I like to think it was the latter and I encourage you in this New Year to read God’s word more and pray more because there are no words to express the peace, joy and strength that came to me during my recovery.


~ Elizabeth ~

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