It’s Valentine’s day and I am thinking about LOVE. God calls us to love  Him with every part of our being and love others as we love ourselves. Jesus tells  us to  love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us  (Matt. 5:44). 


And then there is the road of love which begins when we fall in love  with someone and get married.  Sometimes, it is easier to love God and others than someone whom you have committed to love and cherish.  I state this because it is in the close relationship with another that we are exposed to the characteristics  and habits that are not evident to others.  How many relationships have soured because of habits that get on our nerves?  How many marriages have ended because of infidelity? 

My prayer this Valentine’s Day is that you not give up but persevere to do the difficult work within your own heart to forgive and let go of thoughts and actions that bring discord and disharmony into your marriage.  Loving another human being can be tough but God has given us a two-edged sword to win the battle to His glory.  If your marriage has ended in divorce, don’t stay stuck in the past but forgive any wrongs done to  you  as well as  repent of wrongs you may have done in that marriage and move on into the blessed Way God has purposed for you.  We are all sinners but for the blood of Jesus that cleanses us and covers us with His righteousness.

hebrews-4-12On this Valentine’s Day, purpose to love God, yourself and others better.  Love is our highest calling as Christians!!

~ Elizabeth ~


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