In The Deep

Deep Love

Copyright ©07-04-2017 Elizabeth Ellis

Walking through fields of green

Dancing in the rain unseen

Climbing to the mountain tops

Falling down in heartbreaking sobs

Up and down and all around

The highs and lows of life abound

O, Lord, hear me; O, Lord, draw near me;

Let my heart soar to you

Let my voice worship you

Draw me closer Lord to your deep,

Your deep love; my rest and peace

Bringing love to all who seek

Drawing hearts to Calvary’s tree

Living waters set hearts free

Draw me closer to your deep, deep love

3 thoughts on “In The Deep”

  1. Liz this is beautiful with sad undertones. I pray all is OK with you. You are such a blessed person and I will never forget your kindness to me. Love and blessings.


  2. There is no sadness but an expression of the soul’s call to the deep, deep love of God as the soul experiences the journey called LIFE. Hope you are keeping well. Have a blessed day in the Lord. Love, Elizabeth.


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